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The Only Watch You Will Ever Need - The Casio GW-M5610-1ER

This is my first G-Shock and its unlikely to be my last, it's pretty close to being the perfect beater watch for my work, its been on some pretty rugged adventures over the last 8 weeks and has handled everything that Ive thrown at it.

What I have learned from wearing this watch is that if you're going to do a follow up video then it's probably best to do your product shots when its fresh out the box, I've certainly not babied this watch and under a macro you can see every mark, scratch and smudge that its picked up. I also noticed that the resin seems to be a bit of a fluff magnet and it doesnt matter how much you attack it with a brush it will attract hairs and dust the second your back is turned.

I picked this watch up at a certain High Street store, albeit online as I had a voucher to spend there, so it made sense to make that purchase. If your considering this watch or any other then click the link below, it wont cost you any extra but I will get a small commission which will go towards more watches for review on this channel... Many Thanks.

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This is probably the BEST G-Shock ever... (Casio G-Shock GW-M5610 review)

After much though, I think this is the best G-Shock. For small wrists, and regular wrists too! So here is my Casio G-Shock GW-M5610 review, along with an overview of all the features of the watch.

This G-Shock has it all: rectangular (like the original DW-5000), Tough Solar and Radio Controlled. For the price, you really can't go wrong.

In this episode (paid links):
★ Casio G-Shock GW-M5610:
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Casio G-shock GW-M5610 The ULTIMATE watch review!!

Get this watch on the Amazon authorized dealer here:

The most complete Review about the G-shock GW-M5610. The watch that started everything.




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