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2011.02.15: Howtek Scanmaster 4500 drum scanner film mounting

An informal walk through of how I mount two sheets of 4x5inch negative film onto a scanning drum designed for the Howtek Scanmaster 4500.
Sam Saleki : Hello, where is it possible to purchase such scanner?
rocko44444444 : do you have any video with the sound of the scanmaster 4500?
chopperdan88 : I noticed that you use FILM cleaner to "polish" the mylar overlay. I'd recommend NOT doing this, as the drums are very susceptible to solvents and such. The film cleaner will attack your drum's surface, causing hazing or worse, crazing(microfractures). I've also seen drums become "sticky" due to using bad chemicals(like Windex, NEVER USE WINDEX) to clean/"polish" their drums.... BAAAAAD idea...

Ian Moss : @jamesrosssmith we always used Liquid paraffin to 'oil' transparencies, available cheaply from Chemist / Pharmacists - you will get a funny look as its prescribed for constipation. Worked a treat for our award winning scanning back in the day!
Xuan Zheng : @Klyment

Well, with good sealing technique, I had sealed film successfully without mylar and the fluid stay underneath of the film for the entire scanning process.
Klyment Tan : @zhengjdc The mylar is required to hold the film in place so it doesn't fly off the drum when it starts spinning. Furthermore, without the mylar in place the KAMI fluid would dry within seconds and after it dries it will no longer effectively displace air to prevent Newton rings and maintain contrast.
Xuan Zheng : why do you use mylar while KAMI fluid dries rather quickly and thus eliminates the spilling problem.
Klyment Tan : Are you (and jamesrosssmith) members of the Yahoo high end scanner user group? There has been some discussion about using other fluids . . . some of which aren't even specifically designed for drum scanning. Clean up may become more problematic though.

For lower resolution scans there are some mounting powders that you can use but at even 300DPI and up you'll start to see the powder. Without mounting fluid contrast seems extremely low and every flaw on the drum shows up.
jamesrosssmith : Great video. It's almost impossible to get Kami fluid here in Australia :(
lesbiandivorce : yeah you shammy that film. shammy it good.

Drum Scanning

A time lapse video showing the process of drum scanning on a Heidelberg Tango, from mounting a sheet of 8x10 film from Ben Horne, and a 6x17 transparency of my own to the finished product.

You can find my drum scanning services at:
Mickey Zombish : You should make more videos! You have a very nice website and impressive portfolio (or collection) btw ;)
Бом вам крыши нет : Сделаем сами? Арртылекс пошлёт к хуям. Это всё действие нужно было чтобы запустить. Хочет сидеть и пиздить. Млодинов
Бом вам крыши нет : State of art.
mediasync stephan scharf : Hi Michael, which side of your film strip/sheet points against the drum side?
(makes sense it's the non-emulsion side ...?)
Marco Bernardi : I worked on an ICG 370 between 1999 and 2009, a great experience!
Eric Sorensen : And then, "Whoops, wrong negative".
easybullet3 : How is this different to a high quality flat-bed scanner ?
it seems like such a lot of effort to scan something.
Nahuel Bralo : hello what mac do yo use? or what software?
Jarek Podoba : I've worked on one of those back in 2000. It brought back all the memories!
Rizky Lazuardito : What is the difference Heidelberg Primescan with Heidelberg Tango??

[그림책 만들기 팁8] 그림을 스캔할 때

이번 영상에서는 그림을 스캔할 때 유의할 점을 소개합니다.

저희 채널에서 스캔에 대해 질문하는 분들이 종종 계셨는데요. ^^
스캔을 직접 해 보지 않은 분들에게는 막연한 일일 수 있을 것 같아
자세히 설명을 해 보았습니다.
필요하신 분들께 도움이 되면 좋겠네요.

재미있게 봐 주세요~
아라라라르루루 : 이미 운 종이를 스캔하면 보기가 좀 흉할까요??
안소현 : 스캐너가 집에 없는데ㅔ 혹시 직접 가서 할 수 있는 곳이 있을까요? ㅠㅠ
moone oh : 영상 잘봤습니다^^ 쓰시는 스캐너 모델을 알수있을까요??
프몽Fmong : 안녕하세요! 저는 가정용 복합기 스캐너를 사용하고 있는데, 물감으로 그린 그림이나 연한 그림의 경우 색이 다 날라가고, 600dpi로 설정했을 때 휴대폰 화질이 더 선명할 때가 많아요..! (진한 그림은 스캔은 되는데 600dpi치고 화질도 픽셀로 깨지는 느낌이구요!) 그래서 스캐너 회사에 전화해보니 그런 경우에는 어떤 스캐너를 써도 날라갈거라고 하는데 이게 맞는 말일까요..? 저도 다른 일러스트 작가분들처럼 깔끔하게 스캔해서 보정하고 싶은데, 스캔부터 막히네용 ㅠㅠ!
Jiyeun Jang : 안녕하세요! 잘 보고 있어요^^ 저희 동네에서 아이들이 직접 그린 그림으로 책을 만들고 있는데요~ a4지 위에 그린 그림을 찍어서 인쇄하려고 하니깐 흰바탕을 어떻게 해야 할지 몰라서요~ 이렇게 사진이나 스캔의 뒷면을 투명하게 해서 내용만 나오게 하는 방법이 있으면 좀 알려주실수 있으실까요?
seo hyeon : 완전 도움되어요..궁금한부분엿어요..300
600비교해주시니 이해가팍되요
.다음것도 기대가됩니다^^♡
쫑이나라 : 오 깔끔한 스캔방법 배우고갑니당ㅎㅎ
9독하고갑니당 같이소통하고지내요




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