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My Old POS Episode 9. Western Digital DX4000 using SSDs

I started playing around with this NAS after failing miserably last time and figured out how to use "incompatible" drives with it. Follow along as we circumvent artificial restrictions.
alexandre fortin-massie : storage bad
Daniel Jarmon : Awesome video. Saved me a ton of time trying to figure this out. Thank you so much for spending the time
derdreiste1984 : hi where do I get the recoverycfg

Luís Alberto Cabús : Dude, my NAS doesn't show up on the recovery. It enters the recovery mode, gets an IP from the router, but isn't pingable or accessable..
Skunkpu : You Are Boss! You got my DX4000 up and running. Stay Gold Pony Boy!
Гнат Жбурляй : Please tell me when creating a raid 0, the system installed but did the same with 4 disks received, have: invalid nic num Please advise what I did wrong?
I restore a week thanks to your video the business has moved from the place.
Redwolf Astorian : Thanks for sharing mate! We have four boxes and it will be cool to be able to upgrade the units with SSD + bigger ram.
Danial Rafiqi : Nice!
hackatak : Hey there, I am having trouble creating the correct WHITELIST.XML file from the recovery log. Can you help? Can I email you my recovery log and you help me edit my whitelist.xml file? Thanks
hackatak : Wow,  great video!  Thanks for creating it!  One question, did you ever determine what caused the original 0xD9 error on the server to begin with?  Thanks again!  Also, did you find the 2008 Storage Server Recovery OS to download online?

My old POS Episode 8. Western Digital DX4000 teardown and troubleshooting

I picked up this NAS system from a client and tried to resurrect it for them but it seems pretty hosed. This is that story.
rdsii64 : I know this is an old video, I saw one of these used on ebay for 120.00 with no drives in it. If decide to buy it, can I put four 12 terabit drive in it?
Richard Kymstien : I just went through the fuckery of repairing one of these. You need to recreate storage 1st with the usb in order to load an os. And here is another one, there is about 7 hard drives that work in this unit, in order to use other drives you have to add them to the whitelist file. Also more fuckery, you have to have the correct amount of drives that it came with to start a recovery. Also! Every time you turn it on and get some sort of failure during the recovery process, you have to reinstall the software on the usb, so every time you mess up the correct process, reflash the usb. A real hair loser in this one.
Martin Meise : Hey, i also got a dx 4000 nas. I managed to access the bios and install openmediavault on it. Have a look at my video series about it: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1ahpLrofUVcJHG4dIzFCEKXIANXVB00I
Hazem Elshabini : The BIOS is hard set to boot from a RAID volume on this PCI Express port. You can't get a screen out of it. You have to recreate the RAID volume using their recovery disk.
Skunkpu : You Are Boss! You got my DX4000 up and running. Stay Gold Pony Boy!

My Old POS Episode 10. Installing Linux on the Western Digital DX4000

My SSD with Premiere and most my media files went belly up so I had to get that replaced and new recordings done. The following video is how to install Ubuntu Linux on the Western Digital DX4000 NAS.
Pierre-Yves Keldermans : Please use the serial port on the motherboard to connect a serial terminal (or null modem + pc + putty). The bios is reachable via the serial console, so is the Linux console with some very light mods to the conf files of the installer ...
Grunchy : I have two of these DX4000s, seems to be a decent enough computer. I defeated the whitelist drive limitation and installed 4x 4TB WD gold drives in one running Windows server 2008 in Raid 5, it’s a good NAS! One pc keeps failing backup, over wifi, so it constantly reads ‘backup failed’ on its display.
For the second unit I got 4x 6TB WD gold drives, and this one I cannot get working. It can operate 1 drive at full 6TB but it can’t build an array from 4 of them, it only recognizes like 2TB (or 3TB?) from each, the resultant volume is always much much smaller.
I wonder if Ubuntu server could build a proper-size array from 4x 6TB? Or could it be a hardware limitation of the RAID device on the DX4000, and I may as well stick with WS2008 and use the drives elsewhere?
Paul Martin : Hello,
I'm trying to install a Linux instead of this trash WS2008 on this NAS... For better performance and stability.
I tried what you're showing in this video but I didn't succeed.

Actually I've tried to boot on a Linux Mint live for test. But when I press the recovery button I don't get the startup failed message instanltly like you do.
It only appear 1 or 2 minutes later waiting for it... And boot on live Linux don't work.

Do you have an idea of what could go wrong?
I will try the same Ubuntu as you. :)
Martin Meise : I am making also a video series about installing OpenMediaVault in a DX4000:

Port J23 is a serial port. With that you can edit the bios and do the debian install routine.
Zhen Xu : Hi, do you think this will works on my cloud ex4100?
hackatak : nice video on Ubuntu install. I assume this is the same DX4000 you attempted to re-install windows storage server on in one of your other videos. If it is the same server, have you tried again to re-install it back to factory WINDOWS storage server? I have the same server throwing the same error and have yet to get into it to determine the issue.
UNOPARATOR : In order to get rid of pushing the reset switch every time, you should check this out:
which is based on from here:
Redwolf Astorian : This is awesome :) We have 4 of DX4000 in our company. Since we use DFSR in Microsoft environment we both it specifically with Windows. But i was thinking about installing one with linux just so see how it would perform. I wanted to use DISPLAYLINK USB 2.0 GRAPHICS ADAPTER (or other linux compatible USB graphic adapter) for the install, but your way is much simple! It should also be possible to disconnect the disk raiser from the mother board and use a pci-x video card. Great Job!




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